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A Future For Fender’s Violin

January 27 2016 No comment

January 2016   Stradivarius is arguably the most famous name associated with violins. The name has long been synonymous with the best and most valuable violins in existence.  There are just over 500 Stradivarius violins known to have survived since their maker died over 200 years ago. They are all seemingly accounted for. Fender is […]

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A Musical Game

September 23 2015 No comment

After weeks of tweaks and tedious teething trouble, Delta Violin can finally announce that copies of the first publication from Deltaviolin, Ben Heaney’s latest Black Spot Flip Book “Quarts” have safely arrived. And wow, they look COOL!! FACTS & FICTION Fact: 6 prototypes, 12 months of development and actually over 17 years since conception! Fact: There […]

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War Flower

September 10 2015 No comment

– Film by an unknown photographer – Music by Telemann  performed by Ben Heaney Rhinegold MusicPages “Artist of the Month” (October 2015) A few weeks ago an anonymously shot, silent video appeared on Facebook showing a war devastated scene. Watching it, I wondered if there was any music that could accompany images of such a destroyed place. […]

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Official Support for “Quarts”

September 10 2015 No comment

During August 2015, Deltaviolin received support in the form of a generous business donation from John Heaney (Electrical) Ltd. and from a successful bid for government funding.   Since starting out in 1983, John Heaney Electrical now specialises in all types of Electrical Industrial and Commercial type Installations as well as Production Line Installations, H.V.A.C Controls / […]

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4,294,967,296 pages and just scratching the surface!

July 27 2015 No comment

Over seventeen years since the original schematic was formulated, and after nearly eleven months of development through six prototypes; Deltaviolin is delighted to finally be able to make this work available in announcing the first brand new work in the Black Spot Book series. “Quarts” is a sturdy, slim and neatly sized book which can offer you […]

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BBC Introducing Luna Geckos

May 30 2015 No comment

“Je Suis Skater”, last track from the debut Luna Geckos album, receives BBC Radio broadcast tonight,  two days after upload to BBC Introducing. “Star-studded track. Brilliant. I liked the whole kind of silent movie type piano feel to that track. Great.” – Liz Green, BBC Introducing in Oxford Listen to the show, download from iPlayer as an […]

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New Composition Project, “Viktoria”

May 28 2015 No comment

Last October, Ben Heaney was invited by Challow Park Studios to record some solo violin music. It was an informal session primarily to help the studio line and mic test as part of their new build. Another result however, was a set of original, spontaneous arrangements and interpretations of Ancient Gregorian Chants and a selection of works […]

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May 26 2015 No comment

  Great team led session today, Ben Heaney joining Ruth Barnett from the Abingdon Music Centre and 15 Primary school children from in and around Abingdon to give a Junk inspired holiday workshop. The workshop focussed on making good and interesting music with general recycled materials: crisp packets, water bottles, boxes, tubes, lids etc. and also […]

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May 21 2015 No comment

  Deltaviolin is supremely proud to announce the completion of the debut Luna Geckos album, “Slowlier” In an initial limited pressing of just 8 handmade numbered copies – 3 on high grade textured covers & 5 heavy weight smooth covers, this first set has already run out at source! A second edition is planned as a […]

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Knowledge: Referenced and Cited

April 28 2015 No comment

Deltaviolin’s research, published via Digitalviolin, is found referenced and cited in the following publications: Musician’s Quest To Find The First Electronic Violin” – The Oxford Times – (June 2000) Determined Musician Goes On The Trail Of The Elusive Electro-Violin” – Abingdon Herald (Jun 2000) “Fiddle History Looking For An Electric Boost” – Strad Magazine (October 2000) “Questions […]

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