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Ben Heaney – Deltaviolin

Delta Violin Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Ben Heaney. The company is providing innovative approaches and solutions to support best practice in teaching; championing learning and research into the development of the electric violin; and creating ground breaking sound projects across the arts for all ages. Approaching each task collaboratively, creatively and subjectively, Deltaviolin works with clients in both state and private education sectors, the performing arts industry, research arena and community projects.

Ben Heaney
Electric Violinist: performer, composer & educator. Ben went electric in the early 1980s and set about researching and promoting the electric violin with fervour. The depth that he has taken this study is unparalleled. His performances are deeply atmospheric, often challenging the listener with soundscapes that go beyond musical definition. There are no boundaries here, only what can be done with electrified strings and a bow. Ben plays the first instrument to be defined as an Electric Violin, produced by Leo Fender in 1958. Truly one of a kind.

This website gives you direct access to:

  • striking and immediate musical soundbites showcasing an eclectic spectrum of performance and composition styles;
  • an example of work already completed and a body of work that can be further explored for future projects – this is not the limit of what Deltaviolin can do!
  • comprehensive research exploring the history of the electric violin, makers, players and much more;
  • original stand-alone resources which are fun, engaging and useful across the broadest age range;
  • a gateway into how to work with Deltaviolin to provide engaging, inspiring and motivating teaching from elementary to professional in one to one to group education.


Please explore this website and feel free to contact me directly.

Deltaviolin can be booked for projects, events and new collaborations. Through Deltaviolin you can also access one-to-one education programmes and arrange workshops and activities for small to large groups.
If you are starting a new project, have something specific in mind or have already started work on something and are interested in a Deltaviolin collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact via the contact page on this site.