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Music medicine is urgently needed in every village, town and city. Critical funding is required to ensure benefits of music can be shared with those who need it most. By donating money via PayPal here, you will help care homes, education centres, community support services and those with specific and special learning needs receive visits from musicians.

Please look up Deltaviolin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube and search for the Music Health Service links. You’ll find many video examples and great testament to the Power of Music to transform, enlighten, lift, energise, motivate, stimulate, engage… across the broadest ranges.

– any level of your support welcome! If you can donate using the paypal link above fantastic, any contribution to help cover basic costs of living and working welcomed; but if you just need a dose of good music or want to explore further then by all means, seek out your most immediate Music Health Service providers via the media links above…

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It is well known that music can relieve boredom, suffering, pain and anxiety, and it also does a whole lot more too! Music can guide, help and facilitate people to communicate; it connects across generations; it unlocks memories and stimulates conversation; it generates motivation and can give hope; it can activate nerves and muscles for movement and instil a sense of purpose. And still that’s not all!

I’ve been visiting places where people really benefit from music, offering musical performances, sing-a-longs, musical games and complete musical enthusiasm in pre-packaged hour-long sessions. I have necessary Public Liability and DBS certificates and follow current Safe-Guarding and Prevent working policies in my practice.

The visits are proving extremely popular but obviously carry a cost, so I am throwing the idea out there. The cost of a musician’s fees as a sole-trader could be covered from donations made via social media, leaving them totally free to get on with the job. Certainly there are traditional ways of funding this work through grant applications, but I’m beginning to wonder whether something a whole heap more simple is possible. Besides, with my current schedule and family commitments I do not have the time, or actually possibly even the skill to put together a successful Lottery Funding bid, let alone all the different bodies I’d likely have to apply to find just one! It’s not a case of disregarding these avenues, they are so important. If I can generate enough social-funding, surely an application to a recognised body would be more likely a success with dedicated funding already in place.

I wish I could earn money based purely on giving my best to create meaningful lasting musical experiences and seeing the number of smiles I generate each week. The feedback from carers, home managers, relatives and the people themselves is priceless, but according to the invoices I issue it’s worth about £60/hour not including travel. This fee goes towards my living costs and maintenance of my essential work materials – violin, guitar, keyboard, percussion and printed resources. Often I am compelled to work at a hefty discount or not do this work at all.

It just doesn’t seem out of the question to successfully social crowdfund an average salary allowing me to visit at least 2 homes/centres each day of a working week. And if I can do it, then even a small group of local musicians doing the same would reach a lot of people in need.

You can help me and musicians like me do more as it’s not just one or a handful of visits that matters most, from my experience and the feedback I’m getting it’s the regular repetition of visits that is crucial. Every week I work with as many people as time and finances allow, bringing music to people’s lives. I currently visit a handful of care-homes, learning centres & the local community support service where I provide hour long sessions of music based activity. The aim of every session is to engage all attending in a positive musical experience.

It’s important that carers, other staff, visitors, relatives and helpers benefit from the visit. I want them to be inspired or enthused to take ideas from the session for their own use at other times. Sessions involve listening to performance, singing well-known/old/new and original songs and joining in with simple percussive music making. During every visit I do my best to stimulate everyone into joining in any way they might be able. This is where I draw on my own experience of 40 years making music: 20 in music education and 4 in specialist music provision, and also from ideas gathered from specialists in their field that I work alongside, have met or whose work I have studied.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for more info, I can provide excellent testimonial, from a wide range of feedback since first starting this work and am happy for you to contact any of the places I visit and work.

I appreciate and welcome your enthusiasm with any offer of help.

Please consider making a donation by Paypal by using:

Any and all proceeds will be used to reach the people who need live music experiences most.

Looking forward to hearing from you.