Pants and Vest Productions

A collaboration between Director, Claire Hooper (Head of Drama, Cokethorpe Educational Trust) and Deltaviolin’s Music continues developing original and devised works as Pants and Vest Productions.

Since the mid 2000s, together they have created unique and memorable dramatic works for stage, utilising original soundtracks and live performances for specially written or adapted scripts and exciting new interpretations of classics:

Notably, in 2010 their creative vision fully set out in a deeply hard-hitting multi-media piece, “If You Go Down To The Woods Today”.

Some reviews:
We saw the show last night – absolutely wonderful. This play could grace any famous stage from the wonderful set to the actual substance of the play. Brilliant and it certainly should get the recognition it deserves… It was a night we shall never forget.

I wanted to say how much I and all my family enjoyed ‘If You Go Down To The Woods’ on Friday. The production looked and sounded completely professional. Every actor played their part with total conviction, the dancers danced beautifully and it was really refreshing to hear original music that added so much to the atmosphere and the set and costumes were stunning – it was a triumph!

It takes talent and courage to put yourselves on the line like that and I am full of admiration that you tried something new. It makes the success even greater. My 82 year old mother, who has seen many plays in her life, thought it was fabulous that you had broken out with something new.

Please keep up your fantastic work.


The latest piece, evolving from exploration of Beckett’s “Waiting For Godot”, a soundtrack called “Je suis Godot”.

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