Deltaviolin can be booked for projects, events and new collaborations. Through Deltaviolin you can also access one-to-one education programmes and arrange workshops and activities for small to large groups.

Prices for services vary greatly, depending on the nature of the work. However they are in line with standard, competitive professional rates.

As most work can be tailored to your budget, in the first instance please contact Deltaviolin, giving an outline of your idea and requirements. As a guide however, please find the following rates listed below:

Casual Live PerformanceFor providing violin, electric violin, piano, keyboard or voiceSingle performance and rehearsal, £130
Deltaviolin Live PerformanceAn original set, length lasting from 25 minutes up to 90 minutes depending on needsSingle performance, including setup and soundcheck, £200
Creative inputSession playing, composing and performing for commercial recordings and gigs£50 per hour, or £400 per day
TuitionSpecialist electric violin or standard violin tuition and lessons in general musicianship£40 per hour
WorkshopsINSET for Primary, Secondary or Further Ed. teachers and assistants. Newly Qualified to experienced. Class and school workshops and musical showcase sessions for music and arts centres.£100 per hour, £300 for half-day
ConsultationExploring alternative methods and procedures, analysis of current practice£500 per day
LecturesTalks to student groups & professionals on performance, musical and historical topics£300
Educational PerformanceMusical, dramatic performances for education settings eg school assemblies, events on course, special visits£500 for first hour

Suitable music for receiving guests and during signing of Registers




*NB: Travel up to 20 miles from OX14 is included in the price.