Since c.1986

During the past three decades, Deltaviolin’s director has been a prolific creator of musical and multi-media based performance art works. He is interested in a hugely broad range of styles and is comfortable exploring any genre. His aims always are for vivid musical or artistic experiences and his work since he began creating original pieces have the hallmark of originality and daring.dream clouds adobe version copy

Most recent works produced have been commissioned for Theatre, Film, Advertising and Game (currently a work in progress). Alongside these professional commercial projects, there has been a great deal of activity towards recording and producing the debut album for the fresh and exciting Luna Geckos group. Samples of these and other works are available to listen to via the links above and throughout this website.


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Solo Works 1991 – 2004 (incomplete)

NB: 1987-90 & 2004-2015 in preparation


CDR“Schizophonic Two”Digital Processing2004Twelve tracks, Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Three”Digital Processing2003Twelve tracks, Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Four”Digital Processing2003Ten tracks, Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Five”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Six”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Seven”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Eight”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Nine”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Ten”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Schizophonic One”Digital Processing2003Electronica
CDR“Hell Bytes”Electric Violin2003Structured Noise piece using Universality as source
CDR“War Piece”Electric Violin2003Structured Noise piece using Traditioni as source
CDR“KIA”Electric Violin2003“Automatic” playing
CDR“Fractured”Electric Violin2003“Automatic” playing
CDR“Dust Blowers 1&2”Electric Violin2003Automatic playing and structured Noise piece
CDR“Dust Blowers 3&4”Electric Violin2003Automatic playing and structured Noise piece
CDR“DNA”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2003Improvised Material based on Noise Ramones “Rocket to DNA”
CDR“Beautiful Dangerous”Voice, Piano/Guitar2003Improvised & Composed songs
CDR“Digitonic One”Digital Processing2002Fifteen tracks, Electronica
CDR“Digitonic Two”Digital Processing2002Nine tracks, Electronica
CDR“ZENoise”Electric Violin2002Tortuous, Noise recording
Manuscript“Composition #Π”Organ & Strings2002A Fluxus inspired piece for realisation.
Manuscript“Composition Brutale”String Quartet2002A Fluxus inspired piece for realisation.
Manuscript“Composition #20.02.2002”Various2002A Fluxus inspired piece for realisation.
Manuscript“Composition 2002#a”Various2002A Fluxus inspired piece for realisation.
CDR“Songs – 15 Feb”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2002“Covers” & Improvised songs
CDR“12 in Spring – 21 Mar”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2002Improvised Songs
CDR“La Fee Fantasy”Acoustic Violin2001Five movement imrpovised piece.
CDR“12-2”Digital Electric Keyboard2001Multiple Drones. A Study in Dissonance.
CDR“Extemporising”Digital Electric Keyboard2001Expressionist Impressionism.
CDR“Universality”Electric Violin2001A time structured Noise performance.
CDR“I’m Going to Die…I Love You”Electric Violin2001A response to terrorism
Manuscript“Composition 10.9.01 #1 & #2”Various2001Two Fluxus inspired pieces for realisation.
Manuscript“The Beast”Various2001A set of 25 laminated cards for musical improvistation/composition/game or study.
Manuscript“Three Haiku for Two Violins”Violin Duet2001Inspired by Haiku poems and structures.
CDR“12 from 2001”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2001Collection of improvised songs.
CDR“The Day of Traditioni”Voice & Electric Violin2001Tortuous, Noise recording
CDR“2(3²)”Digital Electric Keyboard2000Multiple Drones. A Study in Dissonance.
Manuscript“Abacus”Electric String Quartet2000Exercise for Electric String Quartet.
Manuscript“The Infinite Divisions of the Monocord”String Ensemble2000A very slow piece of expressionist minimalism.
Manuscript“To Be Held Even Longer”Various2000A Fluxus inspired piece for realisation.
CDR“Progressive Blue”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2000Collection of improvised songs.
CDR“The Iconoclast – 13 Apr”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2000Improvised Songs
CDR“Heart Felt Persuasion – 19 May”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2000Improvised Songs
CDR“Brutale – Jun”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard2000Improvised Songs
CDR“Groundhog Day”Voice & Electric Violin2000Tortuous, Noise recording
CDR“The Fool”Voice & Electric Violin2000Tortuous, Noise recording
Manuscript“24 Haiku”Acoustic Violin1999Inspired by Haiku poems and structures.
Manuscript“Winter Waves”String Ensemble1999Tone-poem describing a wave rise and fall.
Manuscript“William’s With Water”Various1999Meditative piece for realisation.
Cassette“The Voices 1,2 & 3”Voice1999Spontaneous rants, raves and ramblings recorded whilst driving a car.
CDR“A Shooting Duck – 6 Aug”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard1999Improvised Songs
CDR“Boxing Christmas – 26 Dec”Voice & Digital Electric Keyboard1999Improvised Songs
CDR“Brink – Four Songs”Voice & Guitar1999Four songs.
Manuscript“Ulysses”Acoustic Piano1998Encoded segments from James Joyce’s book, “Ulysses”.
Manuscript“Games for Violin”Acoustic Violin1998Avant-garde score for interpretation.
CDR“Great Office Party”Various1998Five songs. Mix of Rock/Pop/Punk and Metal.
ManuscriptBlackspotVarious1998A flip-book for use in musical improvisation/composition/game or study.
DAT“Restart”Studio Recording1997Example of extreme contrast in musical style. Pressed to 7″ vinyl.
CDR“Buts & Pices”Various1997Very short pieces (inspired by Haiku). Computer processed sound sources.
Manuscript24! CompleteVarious199724 acetate sheets for use in musical improvisation/composition/game or study.
CDR“Courtyard Two”Voice & Piano1997Four songs, recorded live in a studio.
Manuscript“Suite Easter”Acoustic Violin1996Expressionist Minimalism.
Cassette“Loops”Electric Violin w.FX1996Segments taken from long performances using a digital sampler and FX.
Cassette“Start the Drain”Radio & FX1995Psychedelic loops created from live radio broadcasts.
Cassette“There’s a Fire on the Track”Radio & FX1995Psychedelic loops created from live radio broadcasts.
Cassette“Andromeda”Turntables, Tape, Cd & FX1995Mixed media, blended together and processed.
Cassette“Regan’s Day 1 & 2”Turntables, Tape, Cd & FX1995Mixed media, blended together and processed.
Cassette“Warp Driven Frizzle”Various1995Three songs. Mix of Rock/Pop/Punk & Metal.
DAT“Powww Demo”Various1995Five songs. Mix of Rock/Pop/Punk and Metal.
DAT“The Courtyard Conspiracy”Voice, Violin, Guitar & Piano1995A five piece performance using studio equipment. Created under ‘timed’ conditions.
Cassette“The Invisible Strings”Electro-acoustic Violin w.FX1994Multi-tracked Electro-acoustic and electric violins.
Cassette“A Symphony Out of Sorts”Turntables, Tape, Cd & FX1994Multi-tracked processed sound sources.
CassetteWe Started Here and Went This WayVarious1994Group improvisation with multi-tracked sound sources. Tribal, Trance-like Noise.
CDR“BYUS”Voice, Electric Violin & FX1994Collection of improvised pieces.
Cassette“Bound in Time”Acoustic Violin1993Improvisation based on the Seven Days of the Week.
Cassette“Crossing the Bridge”Electro-acoustic Violin w.FX1993Ambient Noise & Trance sounds.
DAT“Vortex 2”Various1993Ambient Noise & Trance sounds. Recorded live in Concert.
Cassette“Technique/Sitting Still/Again”Voice & Violins1993A Reading of three texts set to multi-tracked violin accompaniment.
Cassette“Vortex 1”Acoustic Violin & Bass Clarinet1992Live recording of Concert performance of improvised piece.
Cassette“Hammer Nails”Electro-acoustic Violin w.FX1992Raw and brutally high gain amplification. Three pieces exploring the electric violin as a solo, performing instrument.
Cassette“Extended Violin Solos”Electro-acoustic Violin w.FX1992Ambient, Noise improvisations
CassetteFour Second SightElectro-acoustic Violin w.FX1992Live recording of an improvised performance piece using pre-recorded tape as accompaniment.
CassetteTribute to Rob & RolandVarious1992Rob’ is a Noise performance using many different instruments players. ‘Roland’ is a recording of two ‘acid’ synthesisers.
DAT“In the Courtyard”Various1992Eclectic collection of Rock, Punk & Metal music.
CassetteA Vocal ExplosionVoice1991Raw and brutally high gain amplification. A number of pieces exploring the voice as a solo, performing instrument.