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Electric Violin Usage

Exploring the artistic merits of an electric violin Turning Up The Volume – Contributions Appendix ©November 2015 – January 2017, Ben Heaney The following contributions were made by violinists in answer to the same four questions. Also included here are some further answers prompted by these initial responses. Tracy Silverman (TS); Spencer C Yeh (SCY); Lindsey Stirling […]

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Turning Up The Volume!

Turning Up The Volume! ©September 2015 – January 2017, Ben Heaney.    “The electric violin is an impressively powerful instrument … a whole new orchestral equipment which the traditionalists will curse but which will undoubtedly allow future composers to give us unforeseen masterpieces, using unsuspected elements of emotions.” – Emile Vuillermoz, L’Illustration (12 April, 1930)[1] […]

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Black Spot Book “Every Home Should Have One!”

Thank you for your interest in Deltaviolin’s Black Spot Book, recently described by Master of the Queen’s Music, Dame Judith Weir as “a unique and very enjoyable musical game/composition/brain trainer.” And going further to state “Every home should have one!” With copies of the luxurious hand-finished & numbered first edition now available from Blackwells and […]

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Electric Violin Shop

The interest in amplified strings only gets keener… Electric Violin Shop is an independent retailer of amplified stringed instruments. They are clearly at the forefront of an industry described as unique, exciting and growing. The following information is gleaned partly from the shop’s website but also from observation dating back over ten years and direct [...]

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