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When You First Begin To Play…

In the 1970s the new breed of violin as a fully electrified instrument was really beginning to spread but there was nothing like any good advice to be found for those interested. Some of the few violinists who were turning to an electric violin at this time even thought they were the first to do so, […]

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Protected: The Paganini Galás Akoluthic

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Oldest Electric Violin In Active Service?

  Fender Electric Violins Gathering Positive Attention… In the fast-growing field of the electrified bowed string there is now a voice that has been missing for much of the past six decades. Such positive reactions to it raise serious questions prompting a totally new perspective on today’s market. Deltaviolin is proud and excited to be spear-heading the unveiling […]

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Electric Violin Usage

Exploring the artistic merits of an electric violin Turning Up The Volume – Contributions Appendix ©November 2015 – January 2017, Ben Heaney The following contributions were made by violinists in answer to the same four questions. Also included here are some further answers prompted by these initial responses. Tracy Silverman (TS); Spencer C Yeh (SCY); Lindsey Stirling […]

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