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“a significant contribution” #nightshiftmagazine Dark Descended

“taking an instrument and taking it to its furthest capabilities” #BBCIntroducing ∆V

he picks up a 1958 Leo Fender first model electric violin and explores the outer reaches of the instrument’s sounds, to the point it barely sounds like a violin at all. Instead, as on `Ghost Notes’, all eerie pulses, drones, swirls and a strange aural itching, it sounds like a coded distress call from a dying star, while the abrasive, atonal industrial dark ambience of `Book of Quarts’ might be Nash the Slash attempting a Steve Reich piece and deliberately getting it all mangled up. `Viktoria’, all minimalist wob, wob, wob throbbery, is perhaps too discreet to tick all our weird boxes, but `Star Cell’ is a creep back into the horror film soundtrack shadows. What’s really remarkable though is that every sound you hear is created by the violin, everything looped and overlaid and presented as the background noise to all those dreams you have about being pursued by strange wraith-like aliens in an abandoned factory. Or have we just been reading too much Victoria Schwab again?” – Demo of the Month, Nightshift Magazine (September 2017)