Tacitus Veritas Films

From 2012…

New Scottish film director, Tace Dorris commissioned an original soundtrack for her short film, “Porphyria”. Based on Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s Lover”, Dorris planned to use Schumann’s Träumerei as the starting point for the soundtrack. Five original pieces were created for the film and in the final cut, shown at the 2013 Cannes, Edinburgh and Dublin Film Festivals, two of these are used to great effect for the opening and closing sequences.

Tacitus Veritas Film, "Porphyria" (2013)
Tacitus Veritas Film, “Porphyria” (2013)

See the film here:

Spinning off from these works, Deltaviolin presents music inspired by the film and the processes gone through in producing a movie.


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