QuickFix Recordings

Deltaviolin’s associations with Quickfix Recordings main label-man and musician Lee Christian date back to the early 2000s. Lee chose to broadcast one of Ben Heaney’s digital collage compositions “Aprey” on his weekly Quickfix Radio show sometime in 2003. This and another previously unheard recording made using snippets of audio sampled and mixed live during another of Lee Christian’s show are available to listen to here.

Digitonic 2: Aprey2 - Broadcast on Lee Christian's QuickFix show

From the fifth Digitonic album, “Aprey2” (2002).

An audio collage composition, made in keeping with the spirit of Fluxus, Mail-Art and now current trends in ‘appropriation’ art created digitally using PC Beta versions of AudioMulch software . The composition is made entirely from processed snippets of audio sampled from a metal-tape cassette copy of a super rare original vinyl edition of Hanatarash’s second album.

Electronic Dance Music/Digitonic: Quickly Fixed

Digitonic “Quickly Fixed”

Composed in direct response to Lee’s QuickFix broadcast of Ben’s work, “Quickly Fixed” uses processed samples of audio as broadcast, mixed live using AudioMulch sofware (Beta version).

Some ten years later, Lee Christian contacted Deltaviolin regarding possibly using some other of his works for a film he was planning. This film, produced by Nasty Rat Films, “Never Walk Alone” was completed last year and released globally online for Halloween. The resulting soundtrack was then released last month and is available now to download via bandcamp:


All proceeds to The Survivors Trust:

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See the film here now: