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Will Gompertz - BBC Arts Editor

Luna Geckos Live performance and interview, BBC Radio

“That’s Fantastic… that was wonderful. It was so good… This feels very fresh, very different…

It shouldn’t just be something you occasionally do at schools, it’s something you should be doing on stage. I’m looking forward to seeing that at the Playhouse. It’s theatrical as much as music.”The Will Gompertz Show – BBC Oxford Radio, 26 April 2015

Susan Pierotti, National Journal Editor - Stringendo Magazine AUSTA

Ten Decades of Electric Violin

“a wonderful article with fab images… so interesting and what research!”

Susan Pierotti, National Journal Editor – Stringendo Magazine (Australian Strings Association, AUSTA

Chantelle Oswin, Activities Coordinator - Bridge House Residential Care Home

Cognitive Development Workshop

“The residents were occupied, stimulated, engaged and enjoying the session… as far as mood and engagement levels go in an activity for residents with dementia it was great! No one went to sleep, no one wanted to leave and everyone contributed or was involved in some way”

Chantelle Oswin – Activities Coordinator, Bridge House Residential Care Home

Diamanda Galás - International Artist

Luna Geckos Recording

“INCREDIBLE! Your crystalline playing climaxing into those high notes with the premiere thereminist playing something I cannot believe (!) in these damn low frequencies, changing the harmonic spectrum in ways we have not heard before!”

Solo Electric Violin work “I’m Going To Die… I Love You”

“I AM GOING TO DIE is the masterwork composed and performed by Ben Heaney. To my mind it is  an x-ray of terrified souls burned to the ground, or jumping out of windows. It is emotionally pulverizing.”

Diamanda Galás

Lee Christian - QuickFix Recordings

Never Walk Alone

“I’m eternally grateful for your music giving my silent villain a voice and vibe!”

Lee Christian – QuickFix Recordings

Derek Harris, Director of Music - Warminster School

Warminster School, Inter-House Music Competition

“Fantastic comments and the kids thought you were great.”

Derek Harris, Director of Music – Warminster School

Rohan Kriwaczek - writer, composer & violinist

The Book of Scores

“What beautiful playing, truly… I don’t think I have heard either of those pieces played with such subtlety and yearning before. A perfectly understated performance that brings out the plaintively minimalist qualities of the music. Very beautiful violin playing indeed.”

Rohan Kriwaczek

Jacqueline Pattenden, Leader of Music - Dunmore Primary School

Luna Geckos “Lil’ Miss Hoody”

“A huge THANK YOU to you both on behalf of everyone at Dunmore for your amazing performance this afternoon. The place was buzzing afterwards and the children and staff were all WOWED to bits!!! It was very special and I am truly grateful that we at Dunmore were the first audience to hear your story!”

Jacqueline Pattenden – Leader of Music, Dunmore Primary School

Clementine Hall - Artist & Writer, Founding member 13th Floor Elevators

“Ben is a wonderful British musician and music teacher and composer”

Clementine Hall

Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Artistic Director - Strings Without Boundaries

The Talking Violin Cabaret

“Wow. You’re the greatest… I’m really excited about this… I appreciate your help immensely.”

Julie Lyonn Lieberman – Artistic Director, Strings Without Boundaries 

Lynne Holt - Music, Thomas Reade Primary School

Music Workshop For Concentration and Focus in Learning

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for delivering the course this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it and think I will be able to use the resource in many ways for rhythmic warm ups and composition work.”

Lynne Holt, Music – Thomas Reade Primary School

Foundation & Year 1 - Staff, Dunmore Primary School

Music Workshop For Concentration and Focus in Learning

“The book is great. I’ve used it with the class and they really enjoy it! Looking forward to experimenting more”

Foundation & Year 1, Staff – Dunmore Primary School

Annette Sessions - Faringdon Junior School

Life Choices – Studio Experience Day

“A big thank you for hosting such an inspiring  day for the  year 6 ‘Life Choices’  children from Faringdon Junior School.  Although they were quiet to begin with, their shyness soon dissipated and they enthusiastically embraced the idea of ‘proper recording’ ie , writing, rehearsing  and recording their own song, ‘It’s 3am’.  Quite a feat and one which  I’m sure will be a life long memory. You were pivotal in all this so many, many thanks.”

Annette Sessions – Faringdon Junior School

Greg Olwell, Senior Editor - Strings Magazine

The Electric Company: A Century-Wide Look at the Electric Violin

“I really appreciate your speed and responsiveness… The work you submitted is an embarrassment of riches. I wish I could run the entire thing… I liked all of it and actually wanted even more!”

Greg Olwell – Senior Editor Strings and Ukulele magazines